Personalities of Note


  1. Quotations - Inspiring Quotes Some great Quotes from great people throughout history

  2. ZOPA - Peer2Peer Lender Zopa is an online finance peer-to-peer lending organisation based in London, UK.

  3. Peter Blue - Technical Architect Business networker, Investor and software developer. Lives in Kent and London.

  4. Where can I increase my confidence Where can I increase my confidence to be a better business networker around London. There are many training courses available

  5. Jokes - Laughs from around the Interwebz Laughs from around the world

  6. Quotes & Jokes - Brilliant jokes #2 Some great Sayings from notable women & men from our history

  7. Funding Circle - P2P Lending Peer2Peer lender Funding Circle with one of the best RoI. Created in 2010

  8. Thoughts on Brexit Some thoughts on Brexit. But the real question is will London remain the financial capital of the world, or will another world-class city tale it's place

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  10. John D Wood - Property Letting in Canary Islands London based real-estate letting

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