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Brexit - leave or stay
Some thoughts on Brexit.

In 2016 the then UK prime minister, David Cameron called a referendum on whether the UK should stay or leave the European Union. To his astonishment the UK voted to leave. His bluff was called and he resigned to be replaced by Theresa May.

Theresa May was pro remain but said "Brexit means Brexit" and set about invoking Article 50. She didn't seem to be very effective and resigned in 2019 to be replaced by Boris Johnson. To re-affirm his authority he called an election in December 2019 and won a massive majority, totally destroying Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party.

The UK has spent over £100 Million on Brexit consults in 2019 alone. Because Brexit is going to be very complicated to do, many organisations have either been created to advise or added Brexit to their list of services.

  • The McWhinnie Consultancy> With so much uncertainty around the whole process, it’s tempting to delay any decisions. But the voice of business is important to overcome politics. The UK government wants Brexit to establish the UK as a world-class centre for excellence.

  • FTI Consulting Navigating Brexit: Protect your Business, Influence the Debate and Prepare for Change.

  • HR Bridge Consulting has much expertise on Brexit, particularly from an international & human resources point of view.

The Shard
Leaving the EU will take a lot of time, effort and untangling of many agreement and contracts, so Brexit consulting will be a viable business model for many years to come.

But the real question is: will London remain the financial capital of the world, or will another world-class city tale it's place ?

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