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Networking at Alberts Club, London
It's the scenario we all hate, we paid some of our hard-earned cash to attend a business networking event in London. We had read about how great these events are for making new friends and contacts. However, when we get there, we bottle-out, so we just stand in the corner, sipping our wine, while watching the other assembled guests chat happily with each other and swapping business cards.

As the evening wears on, you get more desperate and the wine isn't helping, but what do you say to all these strange people ? Do you tell a joke and risk it simply offends, do you just walk up to the group and hope they will let you into their conversation ? But you are so afraid they will see you as creepy, boring or just plain rude, you stay rooted on the spot with yet another glass of wine.

After a few hours and a few glasses of wine, you go home utterly disappointed with yourself and the event. You didn't swap one business card or have one meaningful conversation (well, you had a couple with the bar staff, but that doesn't count), so maybe business networking isn't for you, maybe there is another way to enhance your business.

The next morning you read about a potential solution to your problem. There is an organisation called The Golden Network and they run a Business Networking Skills Workshops to help people like you to overcome the previous nights frustrations. The CEO and host, Victoria, is very nice and friendly. She also has many years of experience in networking around London and has many contacts that might be useful to your business. Her network has over 600 people and most of the events have a good turnout. She has also created TGN Coaching with a London-based opera singer to assist her members with presentation and public speaking training.

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